Pet Urgent Care

Our urgent care services provide immediate medical attention to your pet when they need it the most.

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At Santee Animal Hospital, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time.

That’s why we offer comprehensive pet urgent care in Santee, SC, to provide immediate medical attention to your pet when they need it the most.

Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff are trained to handle a wide range of urgent care situations, from sudden illnesses and injuries to severe pain and discomfort. We have a fully equipped facility that allows us to quickly diagnose and treat your pet, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

When you bring your pet to our urgent care facility, rest assured that they will receive prompt and compassionate care. We prioritize stabilizing your pet’s condition, alleviating pain, and providing necessary treatments to ensure their well-being. Our team will communicate with you every step of the way, explaining the diagnosis, treatment options, and expected outcomes.

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In the event that your pet will need after-hours care or advanced surgery, you and your pet will be sent directly to a 24 hour emergency facility where your emergency will be treated or you will have overnight care.

We work closely with:

When your pet needs urgent care, don’t hesitate to contact Santee Animal Hospital.

Our staff is trained to triage and manage large and small emergencies.

With our in-house laboratory and x-rays, we can quickly assess, diagnose and treat your pet.

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