Santee Animal Hospital


Santee Animal Hospital

Mission: “To provide the best possible veterinary care for all pets while treating our clients as our friends.”

We do this with a long standing, excellent staff of fully licensed technicians, dedicated support staff, and committed doctors. Our office will do everything we can to make your experience with us an enjoyable and educational one. To serve your pet’s needs best, we provide:

About the Clinic
  • Focus on Prevention.It’s so much easier to prevent than to treat many diseases. With routine wellness testing and exams, we can pick up on signs of early disease. This lets us start treatment to slow progression of many diseases including: heart disease and kidney disease.
  • In Office Diagnostics.We have full laboratory capabilities and radiology on site which allows us to get answers on the same day as your visit in most cases
  • 30 Minute Doctor Appointments.Let us take time with you to go over your pet’s specific needs. By allotting extra time with each patient, we can better evaluate, educate about, and treat the issues affecting your pet.
  • Don’t Have Time to Stay? We also offer DROP OFF services. You can explain your concerns to the technician at drop off. We’ll call you with the doctor’s findings and a plan of action. Then, you can pick up when you’re ready and we’ll have everything you need waiting on you.
  • On-site Boarding Facilities.We have a fully equipped boarding facility in the event you need to leave your pet behind when going out of town.
  • Website Full of Useful Information.Our website provides tons of valuable pet care information and answers to questions you may have about your special friend.
  • Fully Trained Staff. We love our staff and so will you! We are so happy to have well rounded, well trained people who have dedicated their careers to your pets. So ask them a question- I bet they can answer it!
Santee Animal Hospital

Our Services

Here at Santee Animal Hospital we pride ourselves on practicing the best medicine possible. We provide a variety of services that include internal medicine, senior and pediatric wellness, radiology and surgery. We are proud to have an in-house laboratory, which allows for rapid diagnostics.

Santee Animal Hospital offers a full range of premiere veterinary services and products. For additional information click on each link below: