Wellness Care, Immunizations, Nutritional Counseling

If you could prevent cancer in your pet, would you? Of course you would! Because prevention is so much better than treatment for any disease. We tailor preventive care for your pet using yearly consults and physical exams. This includes:

  • Evaluation of lifestyle and exposure risks to diseases in our area

–¬†Which vaccines do you need at this age?
– In this environment?
– With these other pets?

  • Weight checks with diet choices and recommendations

– Which diet will prevent that gassiness?
– Help your pet lose the pounds?
– Put a spring in their step?

  • Routine screening for chronic diseases

– When should we start testing for kidney disease?
– Glaucoma?
– Cushing’s disease?

  • Discussion of options for heartworm, flea and tick prevention

– Will a topical or oral flea and tick prevention give you the best results?
– Will heartworm prevention in a long acting, 6 month shot be a better option for your pet and your schedule than a monthly tablet?

Let us help you get the right routine care for your pet with our extended wellness visits. We proudly offer BI vaccines, Science Diet/Hill’s diets, and Idexx in office lab services.

vaccines, diet and laboratory

Vaccines, Diet and Laboratory